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Subtle Energy Retreat

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Come join us for FOUR full days of SUBTLE ENERGY inspiration, insight and learning at an incredible outdoor setting… the extraordinary and scenic Blue Sky Ranch, located in the foothills of east San Diego county!
Our next Subtle Energy Retreat will be held June 9th – 11th, 2017!

We’ve brought together some of the world’s best healers, subtle energy scientists, musicians, and spiritual teachers to share their hearts and wisdom with you! This extraordinary program includes powerful presentations offering tips and tools you can use to make your life better now, sound healing presentations, and the opportunity to experience some amazing subtle energy devices. 


Experience four enriching, exquisitely transformational days which feature ongoing presentations by internationally known presenters that include Dr. Claude Swanson, Dr. Melinda Connor, Dr. Gaetan Chevalier,  Dr. Paul Rudy, Eileen McKusick, Cristina Smith, Denise Lewis Premschak, Darity Wesley, Nathan Crane, Ingrid Coffin,  Sabina Spencer, Robin Lynse, Yogi Jane Harb, Lianne Downey, Joseph Downey, Marcia O’Hara, Dr. Michelle Dexter, Andrew Mackey, Teri Wilder, Maria Theresa Larsen, and more!


Come see and experience for yourself some amazing subtle energy devices… to be announced!


This four day retreat includes all events and eight gourmet vegetarian meals, rich in healthy, delicious choices.

REGISTRATION will begin in December 2016 with early bird discounts!  Please let us know if you want to be added to our mailing list!  Contact us at


To get an idea what it’s all about, here is the agenda from the April 2016 Subtle Energy Retreat:

Science, Soul & Synergy

Friday April 22nd

Registration and Breakfast 7:30-9:00

SI Exif8:00-9:00 Labyrinth Open Start your morning with an exquisite moving meditation! Blue Sky Ranch’s labyrinth is located on an energetic power spot that was once sacred to the native Kumeyaay tribe. A labyrinth is a sacred geometrical symbol with a single path leading to a center point. It is not a maze because there is only one path. Its unique pattern is designed to shift awareness from left brain to right brain as you walk, inducing altered states of consciousness. It allows those who enter to experience other ways of “seeing.” The center point is the place of power. In a most basic sense, the labyrinth represents the spiritual journey; that of venturing to the center of your innermost being and then returning to the world with a broader sense of who you are. It is a metaphor for life’s journey. Inherent within the design of the labyrinth is its archetypical power, dating back some 3,000 to 4,000 years.

9:00-9:30 Opening Ceremony with Cristina Smith  Author, healer and medical intuitive, Cristina Smith is a member of the Biofield Viewer™ U.S. research team. Cristina’s writings, sessions and programs skillfully weave proven techniques and profound wisdom from the subtle energy realms of healing and the esoteric into ways to make your life better now.CS SER14 a

Voted Favorite Medical Intuitive on in 2013 and practitioner and teacher of Bio-Vibrational Healing, Cristina is a longtime spiritual student and serves as founding president of the San Diego Holistic Chamber of Commerce. Cristina loves facilitating the subtle energy communities both locally and globally through her Subtle Energy Retreats, Subtle Energy Salon radio show and as the host of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) annual Science Symposium. She is the founder and Chief Energy Officer of the Subtle Energy Center and producer of five Subtle Energy Retreats. Cristina is a contributing author to and editor of 27 Flavors of Fulfillment .Her website is

9:30-10:00 Augmented Subtle Energy- Aeron Goldheart, CHt- Discover how to empower yourself by directing your subtle energy field consciously with intention and amplification! Find out how to become in-powered to direct and manage your multi-dimensional nature by being fueled with subtle energy also known as the torsion field, prana, chi, ether, life force, etc.

Just like the gas we use in our cars, subtle energy has neither agenda nor any power over us. We, as the drivers of our human vehicles, already hold the responsibility and ability to manage and direct subtle energy in our holistic mental, emotional, spiritual and physical realities in collaboration with our God-given self healing system. Some amplified subtle energies are best received when laying down, the same state in which we may dream, pray and meditate in. These are also the same subtle energies that living beings must have to exist – including all plants and animals. Thus, by merging a full spectrum of balanced coherent subtle energy frequencies into our biofield, we can integrate to support our immune systems for sustained holistic wellness.

Aeron GoldheartAeron is the global developer and distributor of Tesla Energy Lights, a recognized multi-dimensional subtle energy activation system for increasing one’s personal vital energy. He measures and reports scientific data from studies and survey responses as well as teaches progressive protocols for technical, medical and academic audiences to fuel and manifest one’s intentions that include, the emotional, mental and physical in relationships, financial, travel, mission, and wellness.

A certified Hyno-therapist for the last 20 years, Aeron’s background includes 35 years of corporate communications expertise as a media producer in video, photo, graphics, TV and print. He captures objective and subjective data in studies, evaluations in the field and clinic applications. He has documented practitioners, physicists (including Dr. Claude Swanson), and users evidence currently in over 100 videos. He supports a global network of Lights owners, educators and volunteers by guiding users to support their own mental, emotional and physical stress reduction while contributing to human evolution as a result of absorbing Tesla Energy Lights field of high frequencies resonances.

Aeron’s purpose for being on this planet is to support global consciousness and one’s authentic heart on our evolutionary path. Therefore, he is committed to giving back and “paying it forward” for example (through A.C.T.S. Resource Center of Denver), directly benefiting our homeless in the US and globally assisting African children through, a dedicated non-profit 501(c)(3) group of volunteers building paramedic clinics in Arusha, Tanzania Africa. These agencies are helping less fortunate people not only survive, but thrive by supporting their education, dignity, love and consciousness with the help of Tesla Energy Lights soft high frequency energies. Aeron’s websites are and He will be demonstrating his Tesla Energy Lights for all to experience during the Retreat.

10:00-11:00 The Soul, the Ego and Evolution-  Ingrid Coffin  The terms ‘ego’ and ‘soul’ are used freely by many people on the path of personal evolution. What are they, really? And how do we work with them? Discover the essential roles the ego and the soul play in our lives as revealed by a longtime teacher of the inner mysteries and maximize our personal evolution by using the subtle energies of the esoteric.

Ingrid 2016Ingrid Coffin is the founder and director of Blue Sky Ranch, which has offered programs for higher consciousness and intentional living since 1987.  Ingrid is a professional astrologer, who has been in private practice for over 30 years. She specializes in evolutionary astrology which addresses the journey of the soul through each lifetime. Ingrid is also an author, teacher, life coach, and motivational speaker.

In addition to her astrological practice and her visionary work at Blue Sky Ranch, Ingrid wrote the companion book to the newly released Awakening Aeon Tarot®, and is the creator of Meta-Thoughts®, original quotes and concepts designed to take you beyond your habitual thought patterns. You can visit her website at for a free subscription to her weekly Meta-Thoughts®.

The inner Ingrid is an avid nature-lover and artist who has been creating and offering nature based photographic images in many forms since 2001. She is also a long-time volunteer at the Anza Borrego Desert State Park and the winner of several awards for green living and development of sustainable community.

11:00- 12:00 Accessing Truth, Tuning your Intuitive Skill- Dr. Melinda Connor Most people think that either you are intuitive or you are not. That is not true. You can train intuitive skills and develop greater accuracy and more complete seeing. What if you already have an intuitive practice? Have you ever experienced not being able to see for someone? In this class we will go over exercises that will strengthen skills for the beginner and professional alike and help you to establish greater accuracy and more complete seeing.

melinda pub1Dr. Melinda H. Connor has been a healer in professional practice since 1987. A born clairvoyant, her initial training in the energies came from within her family. Ordained as a Buddhist Priest, Dr. Connor has trained as a clinical psychologist, neuropsychologist, drama therapist, massage therapist and in over twenty different styles of energy healing. Dr. Connor received her training as a research scientist at the University of Arizona under Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Iris Bell. She is the former director of the Optimal Healing Research Program at the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona, directed by Dr. Gary E. Schwartz. A professor at multiple universities, Dr. Connor also has a private healing practice in Arizona and continues to present her research work at conferences around the world. Her website is

12:00 Lunch

12:50-1:30 Group Reading by The Oracle- Marcia O’Hara Marcia will offer a group tarot reading sharing the energetic synergy of our group.

MarcianMarcia O’Hara is most often referred to as “The Oracle” – a seer who has access to concepts beyond words and can translate those concepts to words through the Tarot.  A longtime spiritual seeker, Marcia has served as an Oracle to thousands of people over the last twenty five years, offering illuminating information and objective perspectives that go beyond daily life. She is the creator of the Awakening Aeon Tarot deck.

1:30-2:30 The Eternal Gift: The Animal’s Perspective on Life and Death- Lauren McCall This is an introduction to how animals view the end of life’s cycle and life after death. An internationally known animal communicator, Lauren discusses experiences that animals have related to her about the transition process, leaving loved ones behind, the purpose of their life’s journey, and reincarnation. This workshop is based on the animals’ point of view and includes a number of illuminating telepathic conversations that Lauren has had with companion animals over a period of many years. While not intended to focus on grief and loss, participants should benefit from a clear understanding of where animals believe they go when they pass on, and that the love connection between us remains very much alive after death. Though spiritual in nature, the workshop is not based on any religious belief, but rather the animals’ point of view. This topic is of interest to anyone who wants to learn more about animals, or perhaps has lost a beloved companion.

Come and learn more about the fascinating insights that animals can share with us!

Lauren McCallLauren McCall is an author, Tellington TTouch Instructor and animal communicator. Lauren’s book on pet loss, “The Eternal Gift,” was the #1 selling pet book in Japan for over 14 months, and has been translated into Korean and Mandarin Chinese. She has two other best selling books published in Asia. Lauren has also been a featured speaker at international seminars and conferences on the topic of life and death from the animal’s perspective.

Dividing her time between animal communication and TTouch, she is the former Executive Director of the Tellington TTouch organization. Lauren most enjoys teaching workshops to help people discover their own innate ability to connect telepathically with animals. She has an international client base for her animal communication work and she teaches in the US, Canada, Europe, Taiwan and Japan. Lauren lives in Newberg, Oregon, with her partner, a dog and a very precocious cat. Her website is

2:30-3:30 Plant Music Therapy™ and the Subtle Energy Field- Teresa Helgeson  Plant Music Therapy™ is a new form of energy healing using a biofeedback system that measures the electrical resistance of vegetable tissue and translates the signal into sound via a MIDI synthesizer. Thereby giving the plant a voice and way to communicate.

Preliminary research indicates Plant Music Therapy™ contributes immediate and long term changes in the health of the body by increasing circulation and enhancing the immune system. In addition, initial findings suggest emotional releasing and spiritual clarity are achieved by those receiving Plant Music Therapy™ sessions.

Teresa Helgeson, the pioneer and creator of Plant Music Therapy™ will take you on an inspiring and exciting journey into the effects of this new form of sound healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. She will also be revealing the results of new research on the effects of Plant Music Therapy™ on the subtle energy field as well as providing you the opportunity to experience this first hand through private mini-sessions. An added bonus to this years retreat is the inclusion of an Earth Day Plant Music Concert where you will have the opportunity to do a walking meditation in the Labyrinth and an open eye meditation gazing through a Quartz Crystal Pyramid while several plants serenade you with their mesmerizing music. You won’t want to miss this!

Teresa aTeresa Helgeson CHt, RMTbecame a Certified Hypnotherapist at the Day of Miracles School of Integrative Healing in 2003 with specialized training in Cellular Release Therapy™ and Medical Hypnosis. She studied sound healing with sound pioneer Jonathan Goldman in 2006 and became a member of the Sound Healers Association. In 2008 she attended the International Center for Reiki Training and became an Usui Reiki Ryoho Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master. Later that year she became an Atlantean Reiki Master through the Temple of Peace. She continued her studies through the Infinite Light Healing Studies Center, Inc where she became a Reiki Crystal Practitioner and Reiki Drumming Practitioner. Teresa lives in Denver, CO and hosts sound healing events using Plant Music Therapy™, Crystal Bowls, Gongs, Drums, Tibetan Bowls, Harps and Tuning Forks

3:30-5:00 The Science of the Soul- Dr. Claude Swanson

Claude SwansonDr. Claude Swanson was educated as a physicist at MIT and Princeton University. During those years he worked at the MIT Science Teaching Center, Brookhaven National Laboratory and a Virginia cyclotron in the summer. At Princeton he received the National Science Foundation Fellowship and Putnam Fellowship. His Ph.D. thesis at Princeton was done in the “Gravity Group,” which focuses on experimental cosmology and astronomy, and was headed by Dr. Robert Dicke. His thesis advisor was Prof. David Wilkinson, who later became chairman of the physics department.

Swanson conducted postgraduate work at Princeton and Cornell Universities on the design of superconducting plasma containment vessels for fusion energy systems. He then began work for Aeronautical Research Associates of Princeton, a consulting company, and later formed his own consulting company which carried out studies in applied physics for commercial and governmental agencies, including DuPont, United Technologies, the U.S. Army and Navy, DARPA and the CIA, among many others.

For the last fifteen years, interspersed with his conventional professional career in applied physics, Dr. Swanson has pursued investigations into “unconventional physics.” His principal interest has been unified field theory, the so-called “Theory of Everything” which could explain the universe at the deepest possible level. This has led him to investigate many aspects of the paranormal, which appear to be completely real phenomena which violate our present science. Paranormal phenomena, which have now been proven in the laboratory in many cases, offer a window into the deeper universe, the mysteries of consciousness, and unlock new forces and principles which conventional science has only begun to glimpse. He is the author of The Synchronized Universe and Life Force, The Scientific Basis: Breakthrough Physics of Energy Medicine, Healing, Chi and Quantum Consciousness

5:30-6:45 Reception  

7:00- 7:30 The Moonlight Collector with Richard and Monica Chapin – Discover the power of moonlight and starlight on the human body and all terrestrial life here on Earth. We have been concentrating the moon for over ten years and beaming it on thousands of people and objects from crystals to seeds. We have many a story of it’s forgotten influence on our lives. In our high tech, artificially lite society, millions of people have lost touch with the magical power of the natural lights from our sky. Moonlight can re balance your body’s rhythms and in doing so ward off many illnesses or reverse them. Concentrating it can help us much quicker. It is ancient wisdom and technology brought back to our fast paced modern times. When we were in Egypt we found hieroglyphics that displayed curative formulas being mixed in bowls and presented to moonlight and starlight to be the catalyst. A lost art but hopefully not for long.

They also will be presenting The Moonlight Collector’s concentrated light to all that sign up before the talk. With the help of good weather our retreat people will be able to experience a few minutes of concentrated moonlight for themselves. We have been told that 5 minutes in a full moon translates to an hour of meditation in your brain. Very relaxing. Though you can run it by remote control, Richard and Monica will be demonstrating it so people can just sit one at a time and enjoy.

ChapinsRichard Chapin, a graduate of University of Arizona, went on to start a family business that is still running in Tucson after 40 years. This enabled him to pursue his true passions. In 1980, with the help of Dr. Patrick Flanagan, he built an exact, smaller replica of the great pyramid and created one of Tucson’s first health food restaurants. He went on in 1984 to create Sci-Expo a traveling interactive science museum. In 2004 a friend dying of cancer asked him to create something that would help heal people. After much studying and true ancient inspiration, the Interstellar Light Collector was born. Today we have the portable version, The Moonlight Collector available for that purpose.

Monica Chapin has spent her life helping people. After attending Hunter in 1973 she helped found a 450 people alternative community in Seattle. She and Richard have been married/working together for over 30 years. The website is

7:45-9:00 Plant Music Concert with Teresa Helgeson, Pixie and Blue Sky Ranch This extraordinary elevating Earth Day event of plants playing music in concert is unlike anything you have experienced! Join Teresa Helgeson and Pixie the prayer plant, as they orchestrate some of the indigenous Blue Sky Ranch plants and others who have been taught to reveal their songs.This technology was born out of the eco-spiritual community in Italy, called Damanhur. It is a biofeedback system that detects EMF and then translates it into sound using a MIDI synthesizer. A small red alligator clip connects to one of the plant’s leaves. Another “grounding” cord is wedged into the soil, at the plant’s roots. Both cords connect to the biofeedback machine, which is more typically used to measure changes in the body, such as heart rate, via electrical sensors. Today, that machine is synched with a synthesizer, which translates the plant’s energy levels, as measured through biofeedback, into audible tones, which are then played through speakers, giving plants a voice that we can hear.

Teresa and Pixie bkgd1SI Exif


8:00-11:00 Moonlight Collector Demonstration- Richard and Monica Chapin

Saturday April 23rd

7:00- 7:50 Tai Chi with Tony Connors T’ai chi is an internal martial art practiced for both its defense training and its health benefits. T’ai chi translates from the Chinese to mean “Supreme Ultimate”. It was originally conceived as a martial art, however in the modern world, it is typically practiced for a variety of other personal reasons: competitive wrestling in the format of Push Hands, demonstration competitions, and achieving long term health. It is practiced slowly, by doing so, the practitioner achieves greater balance, health, mental clarity, focus, and meditation practice.

Tony ConnorsTony Connors has been a student of the martial arts for 15 years. He has studied Chong Nu, Ninjutsu, Wrestling, Hsing-I, and Tae Kwon Do, before studying under Dr. Michael Fugate at Golden Leopard Dojo in El Cajon, CA. During the 7 years of study under Dr. Fugate, Tony has studied Kung Fu (Bear, Falcon, Dragon, Crane, Tiger, Mantis, and Eagle Claw), Kempo Karate, Nippon, Jujitsu, Aikido, and Yang Style Tai Chi under Dr. Fugate. Tony earned his 1st Degree Black Belt in April 2015. Currently Tony is an Assistant Instructor at the Golden Leopard Dojo, where Dr. Fugate still teaches after 40 years of martial arts teaching experience.

8:00- 8:50  Breakfast and  Yoga with Jane Harb- Stretch into your day with yummy yoga with Yogi Jane. 

Jane HarbOwner of Yogi Jane’s Healing Arts, Jane Harb is certified in Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage and Reiki. She has studied with some of the most renowned teachers including Judith Hanson Lasater, Saul David Raye, Shakta Kaur Khalsa and the venerable Thich Nhat Hanh. Jane has worked with a wide variety of people ranging from athletes, executives and homemakers to at-risk youth and abused women. She strongly believes that yoga is not a one size fits all practice and should be addressed as such, and yet, there is a practice suitable for each and every Body.

9:00-10:00 Geopathic Stress Reduction- Katharina Spurling-Kaffl Discover how Geopathic Stress can interfere with your health, wealth, and relationships and why you want to neutralize it. You will find out how to locate and block Geopathic Stress Zones and the Hartmann Grid using Slim Spurling’s highly effective method, which you may do for yourself at home.

KatharinaSpurling-KafflKatharina Spurling-Kaffl is the wife of the late Slim Spurling, the inventor of the Light-Life® Tools and CEO of IX-EL who manufactures the Light-Life Tools and distributes them worldwide. She is an international speaker, author, and Co- Author of the book Entrepreneur Success Story Volume II. Her passion is teaching and helping people to a better quality of life and mother Earth to heal herself. She was excited to learn of Slim’s method to block Geopathic Stress and the Hartmann Grid. She is from Bavaria, Germany, where dowsing for Geopathic Stress is nothing new; however, no one had an inexpensive and effective solution to remedy them. She continues with Slim’s work and teaches workshops on Geopathic Stress Reduction and the applications of the Light-Life Tools for the good of all. Her website is

10:00-11:00  Crystal Energizers: A Simple Method to Protect Your Biofield from Electro-Smog and Digital Fog– Lianne and Joseph Downey Like the proverbial frog in the pot, we have grown so accustomed to the human-energy-sucking influence of our beloved electronic devices that most people no longer remember what it feels like to have their vital energies at full power, all day long. Victimized by our own cleverness, few are aware of how drastically our energy fields are disrupted by these devices, which can cause chronic fatigue, headaches, nausea, lethargy, loss of immunity, and foggy thinking. Thankfully, we have a simple, elegant solution for you.

In 2004, Joseph and Lianne Downey followed an inspirational lead to begin their experiments with sparkling lead crystals. Using applied kinesiology and knowledge of the human biofield, they developed their Crystal Energizer Method for both correcting and protecting against deleterious energetic influences.

Your body’s energy system was designed to interact with the earth’s energetic patterns. To date, human technology runs counter to those patterns. Until device designers learn biofield science, we have to improvise to keep our bodies tracking in healthy harmony with the earth while still enjoying our cell phones.

Joseph and Lianne will teach and demonstrate the proper use of beautiful lead crystals and earth-grown geodes to recover your full energetic function. They will also demonstrate why simply placing a crystal near your electronic nemesis multiplies its harmful effects. By correctly applying their Crystal Energizer Method, you will once again feel energized from sun to sun—even while sitting in front of your computer.

Lianne and Joseph Downey 15Joseph and Lianne Downey own Jolibro, a human energy research and publishing company. Together, they have spent a combined 70 years studying and teaching the interdimensional science of the extended human biofield. They are certified by the Biofield Tuning Institute, graduates of advanced courses in Eden Energy Medicine, and authors of both fiction and non-fiction titles. With all the excess energy they’ve gained from their discoveries, they like to dance, paint, cook, write fantasy, and play music together. Lianne blogs at

11:00-12:00 Interactive Reality Creation in Our Shared Love Hologram- Melissa Joy Jonsson Truly, what is reality? We can never really know definitively what reality is. We can only know reality through how we perceive it. Yet the true nature of reality is not as it may appear, but is rather a series of complex interconnected wave-based information patterns. These intersecting patterns in consciousness are organized via Informational Fields.

Fields are everywhere in universal consciousness, forming distinct expressions in our shared Love Hologram. The Fields we resonate with, consciously and unconsciously, give shape to our experience of reality. Change our Field resonance in the Love Hologram and everything can change.

Join Melissa Joy on an interactive, playful, and experiential conversation in consciousness as she shares the power of commanding Field Flow. Through heart-centered awareness and the power of choice, access key principles in reality-structuring that support empowered living. Melissa will guide students to the heart of it All to embody True Authentic Self (TAS) and experience True Authentic Power (TAP) by leveraging a Physics of Integrity that spirals through everything.

Discover and embrace the Joy of Being through Coherency, Congruency and Integrity in Action, a formula for extraordinary living. Integrate self-love as authenticity and connect to M-Joy Fields of Love, Flow, Fulfillment, and Abundance to favorably create and relate to…everything. Dissolve limitations and evolve awareness to a new reality based on unity and limitless potential for the individual as a whole part of the collective WE experience.

Meliss Joy Jonsson 15Melissa Joy Jonsson (M-Joy) is best known for her ability to engage people from all over the world to embrace their True Authentic Power by living in the field of the heart. She has a unique scientific perspective on how we are able to experience living joyfully and loving completely from a state of grace.

Melissa has taught popular Matrix Energetics seminars around the world since 2008. She is the founder and instructor of the life-transformational ‘M-Joy’ seminar series, a unifying movement dedicated to expanding heart-centered awareness and practical personal empowerment for everyone. Prior to creating a career she loves, she spent almost fifteen years as an executive in the pharmaceutical industry.

Melissa is the author of the bestselling books Little Book of Big Potentials and M-Joy Practically Speaking, as well as Practical Play the Heart-Centered Way. She co-authored Physics of Miracles. To learn more about M-Joy, please visit

 12:00 Lunch

1:15 Afternoon Announcements

1:30-2:30 Update on Biofield Research and Thermography at Psy-Tek- Dr. Gaetan Chevalier New developments in biofield research will be presented with emphasis on research done at Psy-Tek in this field of research. Thermal imaging and other devices we have at Psy-Tek and the California Institute for Human Science (CIHS) will also be presented including research done with them

Gaetan ChevalierDr. Gaétan Chevalier received his Ph.D. from the University of Montréal in Atomic Physics and Laser Spectroscopy. After 4 years of research at UCLA in the field of nuclear fusion, he became professor and Director of Research at the California Institute for Human Science (CIHS) for 10 years doing research on human physiology and electrophysiology. Dr. Chevalier is currently faculty member of CIHS, invited scientist in the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health at UCSD and he has been Director of Research at Psy-Tek since June 2010. His website is

2:30-3:30 Surrender to Your Spiritual Power through the Feminine Principle- Dr. Richard Jelusich We have collectively entered the Golden Age of Inner Transformation and the Sacred Feminine (Heart). Now we are wise to employ those tools of the heart to truly represent what is called the “True Self” of our spiritual nature.

95% of all communication is not verbal nor physical: it is the energy of consciousness itself. And as we arise in the truth of our spiritual being, that quality within us cannot be quantified, yet radiates out to all levels of our karmas: familial, parental, social, and so on. We will take a look at how this works and how the awakening of our spiritual awareness affects all creation and that continued awakening orients our minds towards that which is most loving and noble.The Science of today is an externalization of our co-creative collective collaboration, as spirits, to reveal this simple truth to our minds that we might grasp the truth of our luminous nature.

Paramahansa Yogananda said that we cannot be any closer to God than we already are, but we can work to reveal the sublime beauty of that which already exists within us.  Enjoy some collective heart-centered time together as we discuss science, philosophy and spirituality, as well as simple tools and exercises to help reveal the pure nature that we already possesRichard Jelusich as.

Dr. Richard Jelusich is a strongly gifted intuitive; an author, teacher, spiritual energy healer, experienced international speaker. He teaches that we are all luminous being of light experiencing a physical existence and he uniquely blends energy work, spirituality & science into his workshops, public speaking events & private sessions.

Dr. Jelusich helps individuals self-empower and become self-aware. He teaches a life changing – two year, 18 level, Spiritual Healer’s Training for the Whole Human Being program, and has over 480 students and graduates; teaching energy healing for over 17 years. Dr. Jelusich sits on the board of directors, and is core faculty member at the California Institute for Human Science & former Dean. He has taught a variety of courses: Karma & Reincarnation, Spirituality & Superconsciousness, Toward a Superconsciousness, and is author of two books on the Chakras, Eye of the Lotus, and I Can Relate. His website is

3:30-5:30 Discussion + Q & A with Presenters Dr. Claude Swanson, Dr. Gaétan Chevalier, Melissa Joy Jonsson, Dr. Melinda Connor, and more Here’s your chance to ask some of the world’s leading experts in subtle energy your burning questions. An open forum discussion will be followed with a Q & A session led by Denise Lewis Premschak.

Denise 2015Denise Lewis Premschak has a long-standing relationship with energetic and natural health technologies as they can be applied in “the Field”. She is a dowser, a Reiki Master, a BioGenesis Creation Master, and is trained in hypnosis, EFT and Psych-K. She has applied these subtle energy tools in the government sector, education, the military, with large and small corporations, non-profit organizations, and in politics!

Denise’s focus, as Owner/Lead Consultant of Field Guide (founded 2003), is on expanding how leaders show up, how organizations do things, and what gets done. Her passion lies in human potential — currently, she is bringing ‘spirit to ground’ for the Health Freedom movement, advocating for conscious dying, and championing the sacred passage doula profession.
Denise facilitates change and fosters growth through personal sessions, leader/team seminars, Open Space Technology summits, Dialogue processes, and executive services for non-profits. She has a long-standing relationship with energetic and natural health technologies as they apply in “the Field”. She is a Dowser, a Reiki Master, a BioGenesis Creation Master, and certified Sacred Passage Doula; trained in hypnosis, EFT, NLP, and Psych-K. Government, education, and military sectors, large and small corporations, non-profit organizations, political action groups, and coaching clients have benefited from her eclectic toolkit.

Her career has involved corporate solution sales, sourcing, training, leading teams, producing programs and conferences, and serving as CEO for: 1) the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine and Managing Editor of its two publications; (2007-11), and 2) Voice for HOPE – Healers Of Planet Earth; (2011-2015). She is now a Director on the HOPE Board and Advisor to the Foundation for Living Medicine and ISHAR–Integrated Studies Historical Archive and Repository.

Denise is a self-proclaimed observer of mystery, advocate of inquiry, voracious learner, mover / shaker / change-maker into purposeful work and expressive play. She delights in world travel, yoga, white-water kayaking, high country hiking, snowshoeing, and everyone she meets! She has two grown sons and lives in Colorado with her husband of thirty-two years.


3:30-4:30 Relationship Solutions: Stop Blocking the Love You Deserve! Transforming Fear into Fearlessness- Dr. Michelle Dexter If you have ever had a relationship end and wonder what went wrong, or had a long standing fight with your partner that sucked the love out of your relationship, this workshop is for you.   We all want to be loved and give love in return, but sometimes it seems as if our best efforts leave us lonely and heartbroken. The key to resolving these patterns is facing our fears and transforming them into fearlessness.   Sometimes, however, our fears are not obvious, and obviously we can’t fix what we can’t see. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to uncover your hidden fears and how to address the experiences in your life that made you feel afraid. I will be sharing a quick and easy exercise to radically transform your fears into fearlessness.

Michelle DexterDr. Michelle Dexter, Psy.D., NLPCC is a sexologist, integrative psychologist, and intuitive. In her private practice in Encinitas, she uses the integrative healing model–which includes mind, body, and spirit–to address sexual health and other sexuality concerns. She employs bioenergetic energy medicine and energy psychology methods to resolve root causes of sexuality challenges. Her approach is sex positive, and assumes that everyone should enjoy happy, healthy sexuality and sexual expression. Dr. Dexter is core faculty at the California Institute for Human Science Graduate School and Research Center where she teaches Human Sexuality courses and conducts research on human sexuality topics.

4:30-5:30 The Body – Mind Connection – Dr. Todd Plutchok There are many ways to work with the subtle energy aspects of our lives to enhance our wellbeing. Let’s not forget about the physical aspects and take advantage of integrating what we know about our subtle bodies into our physical bodies as the hologram works both ways. We will discuss the importance of wellness maintenance and leading edge techniques in chiropractic including fascia fitness and light therapy.

Dr Todd CaveDr. Todd Plutchok of The League Sports Rehab & Chiropractic Clinic provides a cutting edge blend of Chiropractic Care, Active Release Technique, and Neurological Rehab with Light Therapy to help your body achieve maximum healing and performance potential.

5:30-6:45 Reception

6:15-6:45 Astrological Tai Chi: Star Peace- Andrew Mackey- Astrological Tai Chi aka Star Peace is an archetypal system that was born out of an observation that a fluid movement form to represent the archetypes could help embody the 12 major energy containers which compose us all. Self awareness and exploration, increased energy, contact with our intuition through the body’s wisdom, compassion for others and appreciation of diversity, etc can be experienced and heightened through this form and in ways not possible through intellect alone.

Andrew MackeyAndrew Mackey is a graduate of Purdue University (Communication/Public Relations and Exercise Science) and is a Holistic Health Consultant/Trainer/Spiritual Guide of 17 years at Mackeyfit Holistic Health. He is a doctoral student of Complementary and Alternative Medicine program at Holos University, a Th.D program with a special emphasis on Spiritual Direction. Working on a dissertation titled: “The Effects of QiGong on Self-Actualization.” He leads tai chi/yoga/qigong/archetypal energies fusion classes, and is also a personal trainer and Reiki practitioner.

As a visionary artist Andrew specializes in using metaphysical symbolism in painting to enhance personal growth and soul evolution. His style includes surreal, dreamscape, sacred sites and mystical symbols and imagery; astrology chart art and soul mandala paintings. He teaches the twelve movements of Astrological Tai Chi, which he calls “Star Peace”, with an emphasis on astrology and spirituality.

7:30-9:00 Sacred Geometry and Geometric Cosmology- Jonathan Quintin

Quintin image Belize

My interest in sacred geometry stems from my childhood fascination and adoration at the intrinsic order and exquisite beauty of natural forms, particularly things like pine cones, seashells, flower patterns etc.

I was born and raised in New Zealand and was fortunate to enjoy the extraordinary natural beauty in abundance. A misfit at school, I would take every opportunity to escape the classroom and wander the wilderness (the school was next to a mountain range). The great outdoors was my classroom and the wisdom of nature my teacher.

Jonathan QuintinAt an early age I began travelling extensively and lived in different countries around the world. I was especially fascinated by ancient civilizations and their incredible structures such as pyramids, temples, monuments and such that were designed to mirror aspects of universal order.

I figured that if the architects of these amazing structures placed so much importance in geometric cosmolgy it was worth investigating. The rest is history. I have spent over 30 years in the full-time study and artistic expression of sacred geometry, or specifically geometric cosmology. The purpose of my work as a cosmologist and multimedia artist is to demonstrate the profound order that pervades the universe. The shapes, forms and patterns derived from uniform divisions of the circle and sphere are tools that can help attune our consciousness to the harmony of universal order.

The most dynamic element for this is the golden ratio, which is a universal principle that guides the dance of energy and matter into limitless states ofQuintin image 3 manifestation. It is the golden thread that weaves its way through the tapestry of creation uniting diverse and contrasting elements into a harmonious whole.

Our physical selves are organized upon this principle. Our consciousness is naturally attracted to the golden ratio. We are a fractal representation of the universal model. We contain all the information of the universe within us; in a similar way to how a drop in the ocean contains the essence of the entire ocean.The golden ratio can be found on every level of existence. It is a master key that can open us to a deeper understanding of who we are and where we fit into the greater scheme of things. It is a portal that can open us to states of higher consciousness and timeless truths.

Join me for an incredible journey to universal beauty!

8:00-11:00 The Moonlight Collector™ Demonstration- Monica and Richard Chapin Join two of the planets top researchers on healing with moonlight and experience the Moonlight Collector for yourself during our glorious full moon.

Sunday April 24th

7:00- 7:50 Tai Chi with Tony Connors

8:00 – 8:50 Breakfast and Yoga with Jane Harb

9:00- 10-00 Heart Path-Learning Self-Love for Maximum Healing- Robin White Turtle Lysne, Ph.D. In this presentation, you will be guided in a unique imagery process, Heart Path. Heart Path supports you in becoming more coherent internally so that your life works better. Over time, self-love changes your life from fraught with fears or angers, to a peaceful, happy existence. Separation dissolves and you can find your way to being the love you are meant to be so you can follow your own unique blueprint. Heart Path is also a process that will help you bring together discordant aspects and create your own unique framework from which to explore yourself that can be used over and over. A process she created, Heart Path promotes internally safety, and can be used in any therapeutic setting. She will first talk about the process, and then offer you a sample, there will be time for questions too.

Robin LynseThe author of five books, two on the Heart Path Process, Robin White Turtle Lysne, Ph.D. has been guiding people to wholeness for 30 years. A seer since birth, she has honed her skills to support others in their empowered process for healing. As a poet and artist, some of her artwork illustrates the healing process and offers a glimpse into the inner worlds. Those illustrations appear in her books on Heart Path. Her other books are Dancing Up the Moon, Sacred Living, (Conari Press), Heart Path, Learning to Love Yourself and Listening to Your Guides, Heart Path Handbook, and Poems for the Lost Deer. (Blue Bone Books, Santa Cruz.) She lives in Santa Cruz, CA where she has a private practice in Energy Medicine, Intuitive and Mediumistic readings and mentoring. Her website is

10:00-11:00 Silence: The Divine Matrix- Kimberly Braun There is a Divine Dancing happening in the form of creation and we are beckoned incessantly into conscious participation. Embracing silence as the ‘place’ of the party brings us to immediate immersion in the Fullness.

Kimberly will break open this postulation, giving good reason to try it out as true, and offering both an experience of plunging into bliss through silence together and of practical tools to plant yourself firmly in this state day in and day out.

Kimberly Braun 1Kimberly Braun, Minister, M.A. has been devoted to meditation from the age of 5, with over ten of her years spent as a monastic nun. Her Masters in theology was completed in 2001 in Washington D.C., and is concentrated upon the adult spiritual journey. Keynote presentations are a primary tool in her personal mission to inspire others to live from the power and wisdom within them. Her style is playful, deeply inquiring, and intelligent in the synthesis of not only how to access this part of ourselves, but how to live from that place more consistently.

She is also a retreat and workshop facilitator, TEDx speaker, meditation faculty at the renowned Omega Institute, and fellow seeker on the path to living freely. Check out her three CDs and book, Love Calls, Insights of a former Carmelite nun. Or hire her for yourself or your group. and

11:00-11:45 Energetic Ecstasy- Group Sound Healing – Dr. Maria Theresa Larsen and Teri Wilder A unique experience of sound healing blending Teri’s resonant gongs and Maria Theresa’s exquisite crystal bowls. Energetic Ecstasy!

Maria Theresa LarsenRev. Dr. Maria Theresa Larsen is an initiated, licensed, Minister of Shamanic Spirituality.  She brings Earth Medicine traditions forward into modern expression using Sacred Sound mediums.  She is a practicing chiropractor who specializes in Cranio-Sacral-Therapy.

Teri WilderTeri Wilder is a master of music and meditation on a mission to introduce the world to the power of gongs and songs that boost productivity and creativity. As a singer/songwriter, Teri knew about the positive connection between music and lowering stress, and in 2013 she added the ancient gong to her workshops and performances. Used for centuries as a meditative tool, its resonant sounds calm the frenetic monkey mind. In fact, a whopping 65% of people who “got gonged” reported being at least 75% more productive after the session than at any other point in the day. A Wilder benefit!

Having studied music and theater at the American Conservatory of Music and Columbia College of Chicago, Teri blends the science of music with the meditative benefits of song into perfect harmony. As a performer and sound healer, Teri has brought joy and a reduction in stress hundreds of audiences. Her website is

11:45 Lunch

12:45 Afternoon Announcements

1:00-2:00 Business and Beyond- How to Be You in All Aspects of Life -Darity Wesley  “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” ~E.E Cummings  Come learn about lifting the veil of illusion that surrounds us as we explore five important steps to understanding and practicing the art of being present and mindfulness. Learn concepts to integrate into your day to day life as you practice mindfulness which supports you in balancing your life and becoming more and more authentically Who You Really Are!  It really is possible to see that it is an illusion out there and there are steps along the path to help you come to that awareness.  One of the most important ones is understanding Who YOU Are!  Are you your body?  Do you think that bag of skin that you live in is you?  There is an illusion to be dispelled if you can see that.  Do you, can you, see or feel that you are something more than your body?  If/when you come to this awareness, that is where you truly expand and grow.

Red JacketDarity Wesley, lawyer, author, speaker and advocate of personal growth, experiences life to its fullest by integrating her business and spiritual personas. She is a contributor to the book, 27 Flavors of Fulfillment, plus the founder of Data Diva Consulting, the Lotus Law Center, Privacy Solutions Inc. and Revive Your Spirit Center.

2:00 – 2:30 How to Maximize Your Energy through Life Balance- James Patino  What are some of the secrets of living a life filled with meaning, purpose and happiness? One of them is making sure you are feeding all of your different facets. Discover some practical ways to make sure you are accessing all the subtle energy available to you in the powerful talk.


2:30-4:00 Open Space with Denise Lewis Premschak Often called the “unconference” piece of a conference, Open Space is participant driven with an agenda created on the spot — topics will ensue from the experiences we have had at the 2016 Subtle Energy Retreat.

Everyone plays:
1. Either initiate or join a dialog topic (participants self-select into small groups).
2. Claim this time and space to speak your truth and deepen your learning and understanding!
3. Then, back in the unified circle of participants, share the juicy, perhaps new, perspectives that emerged.

Open Space is a daring and marvelous exploration of the vastness and the urgency of personal and organizational transformation. For us, it will be a way to coalesce the energy and resonance we have created here and give it a vehicle through which to continue. Our experienced moderator will guide us in this powerful process.

4:00  Closing Ceremony~ Center of Love/Wala- Dr. Wendy Kaveney and Darity Wesley

Lotus-Wendy-editA member of the Board of Directors of Conscious Humanity, Inc., managing director of Center of Love facilitators worldwide, author of Women’s Wisdom column of Women’s Voices magazine, and on the founding team of SOUL Charter High School, Dr. Wendy Kaveney’s passion is to raise the vibration of love on the planet. We can do this through the identification and amplification of the personal vibration of love in each of us. If only 10% of the population in the world taps into this powerful force and uses it, there will be world peace as a result of the inner peace we have.

Happy Group Moonlight CollectorGrounding the RoomTai Chi Campsites  Jess L 1  Juan Brainmapping?????????? ??????????    Thursday Dinner ser2014 SI ExifTeresa Helgson Plant HealingOracleLabyrinth Walk 14Walla!sec_logoAura Post Chakra Bowls 1 2213

Subtle energy is infused into the very essence of human existence. From our deeply personal inner processes of healing and spirituality to our more outward, public selves and even in our ancestral lineage, we interact in this world as energetic beings, whether we realize it or not. In this fun and enlightening retreat, discover and experience how subtle energy relates to healing ourselves and others.

Please come with an open mind and heart, ready to learn and share. We look forward to seeing you then!

Sharing from Past Retreats

Awesome MatallijaThe energy was amazing. This was one of the best retreats I have attended. The speakers were knowledgeable and open to questions. The food was wonderful and there was plenty to eat. Thank you so much for sponsoring this, you have touched many lives. –LW

One of the most beneficial and magical experiences of my life! -LK   SI Exif

I had the privilege of attending a Subtle Energy Retreat. there were 80 of us; healers and energy workers and friends, gathered to share their heart and wisdom. I had never been around so many like minded people before and it was a high point in my life. I felt like I was home in a way that has been rare. –RP

The Subtle Bridging of Science and Spirituality was amazing! What a wonderful group of speakers and those in attendance! In gratitude for your initiative in creating the event – and bringing everyone together!  ♥- JB

The days at Blue Sky Ranch were such a GIFT ~ the big Sky, the Land, the Labyrinth, the people who showed up (two legs, winged ones, 4 legs and more), the presentations and the Harp ~WOW!  And the salads!!!  -MMFood

Three of the best days ever! Felt like one loving family by the end of the weekend! -LD

“What a phenomenal bunch of speakers and presenters! I felt in complete awe of the qualifications/professional accomplishments of them, yet humbled by how approachable each of them are!” -SER 2015 attendee.


Wonderful information, wonderful people! Here’s what I learned: Science has proven that to be healthy, we all need to … LISTEN TO THE PLANTS, WALK BAREFOOT, BE IN GRATITUDE, BATHE IN THE MOONLIGHT AND MAKE LOVE!~ MB

CS moon