Author, healer and medical intuitive, Cristina Smith is a member of the Biofield Viewer™ U.S. research team. Her writings, sessions and programs skillfully weave proven techniques and profound wisdom from the subtle energy realms of healing and the esoteric into ways to make your life better now.

Voted Favorite Medical Intuitive on About.com in 2013
and practitioner and teacher of Bio-Vibrational Healing, Cristina is a longtime spiritual student. She serves as a Panacea Life School Core Master Teacher, is an active member of the Wisdom Council of the Energy Medicine Exchange, and is a featured columnist in Om Times magazine and Women’s Voices magazines. Cristina is a contributing author to and editor of ’27 Flavors of Fulfillment’ . You may also hear her on Energy Medicine Exchange Radio with her ‘Subtle Energy Salon’ show.

She is the founder/president of the San Diego Holistic Chamber of Commerce. San Diego regional facilitator in the former life of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) and creator of three Subtle Energy Retreats, Cristina loves being a part of the subtle energy communities both locally and globally.

“Your service to the Southern California energy medicine community has been tireless and selfless. Now the wider world will get to see why I for one am such a big fan.” -Dr. Thornton Streeter, Centre for Biofield Science