Chakra Alchemy

Chakra Alchemy™:
An Experiential Exploration of Energetic Attunement

Delve deeply into your spiritual world in 2018 through incredible immersion of self-knowledge and healing in a safe and supportive environment through sound healing.

Chakra Alchemy™ is facilitated by sound healers Maria Theresa Larsen (crystal bowls) and Melissa Morgan (harp) and Bio-Vibrational healer Cristina Smith. This terrific trio also will incorporate their collective expertise in shamanism, subtle energy science, biofield and chakra imaging, healing rocks, and esoteric studies

Rev, Dr. Maria Theresa is an initiated, licensed, Minister of Shamanic Spirituality.  She brings Earth Medicine traditions forward into modern expression using Sacred Sound mediums.  She is a practicing chiropractor who specializes in Cranio-Sacral-Therapy.

Harpist and composer, teacher, recording artist, mentor, meditator and healing rocks purveyor, pain expert Melissa Morgan wears many hats. Her latest enthusiasm, along with connecting healers and energy workers to the stones that help them, is developing “Your Sacred Garden™,” a proven method for connecting individuals with their own personal guides, totem animals, and helpers. Having spent years in pain herself, Melissa loves to help people embrace and transmute their pain, whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

Author, healer, medical intuitive, and founder of the Subtle Energy Center, Cristina Smith is a member of the Biofield Viewer™ U.S. research team. Voted Favorite Medical Intuitive on in 2013 and practitioner and teacher of Bio-Vibrational Healing, Cristina is a longtime spiritual student. Founder/president of the San Diego Holistic Chamber of Commerce, she serves as a Panacea Life School Core Master Teacher and is a contributor to the book 27 Flavors of Fulfillment. You may tune into Cristina on Energy Medicine Exchange Radio with her ‘Subtle Energy Encounters’ show.

Details to follow. Please contact to be included on the invitation list.