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Energetic Chakra Balancing™


Certification Course Weekend

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Add an amazingly effective technique to your healing toolbox!

Energetic Chakra Balancing™ is an advanced Bio-Vibrational energy healing treatment that can stand alone or compliment other techniques. Great for massage therapists and healers of all persuasions. Whether you have a practice or work with loved ones, this course, taught by technique founder Cristina Smith, can add a powerful element to your healing abilities.

You will:
-Get to know and work with 12 different chakras
-Discover the specific healing energies in your hands that relate to the chakras
-Find out how to measure chakra energy with your hands
-Have photos taken of your chakras with the Biofield Viewer™ before and after the training
-Receive your own chakra stone set

Training includes Biofield Viewer™ photos, and workbook.

Upcoming dates TBD.

Subtle Energy Retreat

Science * Spirituality * Service * Synergy

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We bring together some of the world’s best healers, subtle energy scientists, musicians, and spiritual teachers to share their hearts and wisdom with you!  This extraordinary program includes powerful presentations offering tips and tools you can use to make your life better now, sound healing presentations, and the opportunity to experience some amazing subtle energy devices and therapies.

Upcoming dates TBD.

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