Personal Healing

Sustainable wellness™ is a way of approaching your life as though you are responsible for what happens to you and your body. You accept the right to take a proactive approach to your well-being- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. That means that you need to pay attention to your condition constantly.

How do you feel in your body right now? Don’t know? Wiggle your toes for a few seconds and see if that helps shift your awareness. If there is stress or pain in your body, chances are pretty good that you don’t really want to feel it and spend a lot of time with your awareness separate from the symptom. That is totally understandable. It can be helpful to visit your symptoms regularly to see how they shift over time by keeping a written record. Consider experimenting with some of these techniques to see how they can help. Working with clients, these 10 tips seem to benefit people with even the most chronic conditions. They also help those of us whose health is at its peak to keep it there.

These 10 Sustainable Wellness™ tips are simple and effective. No matter how busy you are, they are worth the time. Don’t take my word for it- pick one each week to experiment with and find out for yourself. Invest in your health, vitality and well being now!

1. Breathe. Remember to take a breath before you begin to speak and after every period ending a sentence. Intentional breathing exercises, such as pranayama, offer long lasting, health improving effects.

2. Walk. Just starting with 10 minutes per day will increase your vitality. No matter how busy your schedule, give yourself 5 minutes to walk away from where you start and 5 minutes to return.

3. Share. Engage this world and spend time with people in a meaningful manner every day. Many of us invest hours into cultivating online relationships through business emails and social networking. It is important to spend time connecting with people face to face as well.

4. Feel. Ask yourself, “How do I feel in my body?” Many of us spend most of our time in our heads and forget that we even have a body until it gets our attention with excruciating discomfort. Learn how to feel your body on your own so it doesn’t have to get your attention with pain or dis-ease.

5. Gratitude. Say ‘thank you’ as often as possible. This simple practice of gratitude will do wonders for your sense of well being.

6. Smell. Exercise one of your most primal senses, smell. Invest the couple of seconds it takes to enjoy the scent of a flower or the aroma of food. It will enhance your whole brain function.

7. Celebrate. Many of us have to-do lists to which we perpetually add tasks. That ever renewing list can make us feel futile in that we feel like we don’t accomplish anything without having several more things added. Invest a half an hour each week in recording your completions and accomplishments and find out what a difference it can make in your world.

8. Learn. Devote time to learning as much as you can about yourself. Delve within to discover the ever unfolding gem that is you, not what you do.

9. Offer. Give the world the gift that only you can- your time. Choose a recipient, either an organization or individual to gift your services at least two hours a month. You will notice a difference in how you feel.

10. Commune. Take time to commune with your God daily. If you do not already have a spiritual practice going, start with five minutes a day of inspirational reading, meditation or prayer.

Here’s to a happier, healthier you!

Every interaction I have with Cristina carries at least one gift for me. The first time I met her I was aware of the gift of her energy. Just being in her presence evokes awareness in me. EVERY time we connect she says things that bring a new awareness to my consciousness, new grist for my mill and points of light to ponder. Part of the difference between Cristina and everyone else I have known, is the way she speaks her words and the way she can listen to a person on many levels at a time. She formulates information in the form of a question which sends me back to self for the true answer. What appears to me as conversation turns into holy work, every time. I believe that every interaction we’ve had has contained at least one mustard seed for me and I can recall several occasions walking away with a virtual handful of seeds. – Debbie C., CEO, Oklahoma City, OK

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