Subtle Energy Retreat

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The SUBTLE ENERGY RETREAT is an experience filled with inspiration, insight and learning!  We bring together some of the world’s best healers, subtle energy scientists, musicians, and spiritual teachers to share their hearts and wisdom. This extraordinary program includes powerful presentations offering tips and tools you can use to make your life better now, sound healing presentations, and the opportunity to experience some amazing subtle energy devices.

We currently do not have any Subtle Energy Retreats scheduled, but please check back again for future dates!

Here are photos taken from some of our past programs:

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Subtle energy is infused into the very essence of human existence. From our deeply personal inner processes of healing and spirituality to our more outward, public selves and even in our ancestral lineage, we interact in this world as energetic beings, whether we realize it or not. In this fun and enlightening retreat, discover and experience how subtle energy relates to healing ourselves and others.

Please come with an open mind and heart, ready to learn and share. We look forward to seeing you then!

Sharing from Past Retreats

Awesome MatallijaThe energy was amazing. This was one of the best retreats I have attended. The speakers were knowledgeable and open to questions. The food was wonderful and there was plenty to eat. Thank you so much for sponsoring this, you have touched many lives. –LW

One of the most beneficial and magical experiences of my life! -LK   SI Exif

I had the privilege of attending a Subtle Energy Retreat. there were 80 of us; healers and energy workers and friends, gathered to share their heart and wisdom. I had never been around so many like minded people before and it was a high point in my life. I felt like I was home in a way that has been rare. –RP

The Subtle Bridging of Science and Spirituality was amazing! What a wonderful group of speakers and those in attendance! In gratitude for your initiative in creating the event – and bringing everyone together!  ♥- JB

The days at Blue Sky Ranch were such a GIFT ~ the big Sky, the Land, the Labyrinth, the people who showed up (two legs, winged ones, 4 legs and more), the presentations and the Harp ~WOW!  And the salads!!!  -MMFood

Three of the best days ever! Felt like one loving family by the end of the weekend! -LD

“What a phenomenal bunch of speakers and presenters! I felt in complete awe of the qualifications/professional accomplishments of them, yet humbled by how approachable each of them are!” -SER 2015 attendee.

Wonderful information, wonderful people! Here’s what I learned: Science has proven that to be healthy, we all need to … LISTEN TO THE PLANTS, WALK BAREFOOT, BE IN GRATITUDE, BATHE IN THE MOONLIGHT AND MAKE LOVE!~ MB

CS moon