Recommended Reading from Subtle Energy Experts

When the 2014 Subtle Energy Retreat presenters were asked for three books that influenced them, here is what they chose.

How many of these have you read? Which ones resonate with you? Do any of the titles surprise you?


Thank you to our contributors:

Aeron Goldheart, Dr. Alan Blum, Andrew Mackey, Cristina Smith, Darity Wesley, Denise Lewis Permschak, Eileen Kurlander, Eileen McKusick, Dr. Gaétan Chevalier, Ingrid Coffin, James Patiño, Jane Harb, Dr. Juan Acosta Urquidi, Laura Chiraya Fox, Marcia O’Hara, Maria Theresa Larsen, Mark Abadi, Mark Daniszvosky, Mark Romero, Dr. Melinda Connor, Melissa Morgan, Dr. Michelle Dexter, Nathan Crane, Rachel Lugn, Tiffany Barsotti,  & Dr. Wendy Kaveney.