What is Subtle Energy?

Subtle energy appears to be magical to most. Like magicians, those skilled in subtle energy work create amazing results without you knowing how they did it. And like magic, subtle energy work can be learned.

We may each be viewed as a conduit for many different kinds of energy. We take in air, water, food, light, sound, heat and stimulation from our five senses. Additionally we receive other input from the natural world and psycho-spiritual energies of a subtle nature. We as humans have the capacity to process these energies because our anatomy is more than just the physical body that we walk around with.

Subtle energy is considered to be any energy that is not one of the four forces of nature: weak force, strong force, electromagnetic force and gravitational force. It can be the energy we experience after vigorous exercise or the feeling we get when someone we feel strongly about looks right at us. Your intuitive feelings are a form of subtle energy as are your thoughts.

Consider for a moment that we have more than one body; that we actually have a multi-dimensional anatomy. This keystone of energetic healing theory accounts for answers to questions like what part of your mechanical physical body processes emotions? Once you come to realize that you operate from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions simultaneously, some of life’s mysteries start to make more sense.

The truth is that subtle energy often isn’t really that subtle. When we recognize that all matter is actually energy, we can begin to form a new vision of ourselves and the world around us. How we perceive our world and interact with it is a result of how we process the subtle energy signals we pick up from it. For example, if there are six people in the same room at the same time, they will likely offer six versions of what is happening in that room. One person might focus on how the room felt, another on what was said, a third on what everything looked like, the next would talk about what was really going on underneath it all, and so forth.

We are all transmitters and receivers of subtle energy whether we realize it or not. Our thoughts and feelings have a frequency just like a radio wave or a cell phone signal. Once we become aware of subtle energy, we have the opportunity to learn how to work with it to help ourselves, others and the planet.

This is a great era in history to learn about and embrace our subtle energy aspects. Quantum sciences are revealing the rational knowledge that proves our universal principles like as above, so below. To see what we mean, check out John Boswell’s phenomenal Symphony of Science video, which is here with his permission.

People focused on the spiritual worlds have known about subtle energy for aeons, cultivating it to enhance their connection to the divine. Healers from all traditions have developed techniques to successfully work with various subtle energies. Many pioneers over the last decade or so have brought forth scientifically-based information, like Bruce Lipton, Amit Goswami, Fred Alan Wolf and Lynne McTaggart as well as organizations like the Institute of Noetic Science (IONS).There are a number of schools that offer accredited programs which include subtle energy studies in their curriculum like the California Institute for Human Science and Holos University.

With all of the resources available now, it seems like an excellent time to expand your awareness and your abilities. As a student of life, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity for higher learning these times are offering. The time is now and you are the right person. Go ahead- make your life your example by becoming the best multi-dimensional being you can be.